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Dedicated Account Manager


Naturally, we expect your experience with DC Direct to go well. So when you decide you want to continue doing business with us, we’ll assign you an Account Manager who you can contact any time by email, phone, or chat. They are also available for regular site visits and reviews. Because our product range is so vast and your needs are so varied; your designated AM will utilise their encyclopaedic knowledge of our inventory to save you valuable time and money. Experienced, personable and passionate, most of our team have been with us from the beginning, that’s how we know you can trust them.

40,000 Products

When it comes to office supplies, we know that finding exactly what you need can often feel a little daunting. That’s why at DC Direct we like to make things as easy as possible for you.
Whether you’re looking for a new stapler or your whole office is ready for a refit, our dedicated customer services team welcome the opportunity to guide you through our complete range of stationery, office furniture and copier solutions. In fact, we like to think that no request is off limits.
With over 40,000 products from a host of leading brands available at the touch of your fingertips, we don’t just take pride in our work, we take pride in yours too.
Every office is different. We don’t want to change that; we want to supply it.

No Minimum Order Charge

Our ‘no minimum order charge’ policy allows you to spend as much or as little as you need with DC. This means, whether it’s those desperate notepads needed for the meeting the next day or it’s your monthly bulk order, we’ll send it out regardless on our next day delivery service.
Whatever you spend, we 100% appreciate it and can’t wait for you to return.

Free Delivery

Don’t worry about delivery charges when you shop with DC. Any next day orders are covered by our ‘Free Delivery’ policy. That’s means you can browse and build your basket without the worry of being hit by hidden costs. Regardless of your order value our ‘Free Delivery’ policy stands. Order by 5pm on any week day and your order will be dispatched on our overnight courier service, arriving at your place of business the very next day. Get the most out of your business and shop with DC.